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Halle Berry

Q: Someone told me that Halle Berry did another TV series besides “Extant.” Is that true? — Denise Floyd, Columbus, Ohio

A: The first thing Berry did as a professional actress (after living in a New York homeless shelter for a time) was “Living Dolls,” an ABC spinoff of “Who’s the Boss?” about a modeling agency. The show lasted only a few months, but it set Berry on a path that also included a multiple-episode run on “Knots Landing” and — soon after that — the title role in the CBS miniseries “Alex Haley’s Queen.”

Though she’d make an occasional television appearance after that, including her Emmy-winning performance in the HBO drama “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge,” Berry mostly stayed focused on her feature-film career (which encompassed her Oscar-winning performance in “Monster’s Ball,” her James Bond stint in “Die Another Day” and her involvement as Storm in the “X-Men” franchise) until her starring role on CBS’s “Extant” in the summers of 2014 and 2015.

Jill Wagner

Q: I’ve seen Jill Wagner in a lot of Hallmark Channel movies. Was acting something she started after her time on “Wipeout”? — Stephen Davis, via e-mail

A: She actually had done some acting before she started co-hosting the ABC obstacle-course game show, notably in the series version of “Blade” (which she also continued during the time she was doing “Wipeout”) and the movies “Junebug” and “Splinter.” Then, during a period when she left and then returned to “Wipeout,” she was featured on the television incarnation of “Teen Wolf.”

After the game ended its run, though Wagner also hosted the series “Handcrafted America,” she largely steered her career toward the acting front — and she found an ongoing partner in Hallmark Channel, for which she has indeed made numerous movies, also doubling as a producer on her own projects there now. One that she’s had in the works for a while is based on her own love story with her husband, with whom she’s expecting her first child in April.

Q: “God Friended Me” uses its locations so well, is there any chance it will go to another city like it did with Paris? — Amy Hart, Reading, Pa.

A: There’s always a chance, though that will take CBS renewing the show for a third season … which we’d project is pretty likely, given how comfortably the show has situated itself in its Sunday slot. The show traveling elsewhere also is a function of story, which France served when journalist Cara (Violett Beane) went there for work purposes. At the very least, the show would continue to be out and about on the streets of New York, where the production is headquartered.

Q: I’ve heard several references to the mother of John Dickerson, of CBS News, also being in the news business. Who is she? — Tom Siegel, Buffalo, N.Y.

A: She was. The late Nancy Dickerson was, and is, considered a pioneer in TV news for her work as one of the first prominently featured female journalists in that medium. In fact, she was the first one CBS News put on the air, after she worked behind the scenes on “Face the Nation” (which her son eventually would anchor).

Nancy then moved to NBC, spending the better part of the 1960s there with a focus on political reporting, encompassing her participation in that network’s coverage of John F. Kennedy’s assassination and funeral. Afterward, Dickerson went independent by making the syndicated program “Inside Washington” and producing documentaries for PBS. In 2006, John published a wonderful (in our opinion) book about her life and career, “On Her Trail.”

Q: Is “24” coming back again with Kiefer Sutherland? — David Morris, via e-mail

A: There’s been talk about it, largely from original executive producer Howard Gordon. He’s said that Fox is interested in making another run at the concept, and though Sutherland’s music career has been a big concern for the actor lately, he’s available on that front now that “Designated Survivor” is over. Gordon also has more time for other ventures, now that Showtime’s “Homeland” is ending … so while a new “24” isn’t definite yet, it’s certainly possible.

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